Explore Surroundings Of Provident Ecopolitan

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Provident Ecopolitan is an exceptional residential development situated in the serene and vibrant neighborhood of Gummanahalli, Bagalur, Bangalore. This blog post aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of this prestigious community and explore surroundings of Provident Ecopolitan. Discover why Provident Ecopolitan is a coveted place to live and explore the various amenities and facilities in its vicinity.

What is Provident Ecopolitan?

Provident Ecopolitan is a thoughtfully designed residential project developed by Provident Housing. It offers a blend of modernity and greenery, providing residents with a tranquil living environment. The project encompasses a wide range of residential options, from compact apartments to spacious villas, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Explore Provident Ecopolitan Location and Surroundings

Explore Surroundings Of Provident Ecopolitan

Where is it Located?

Nestled in Gummanahalli, Bagalur, Bangalore, Provident Ecopolitan enjoys a strategic location that combines the tranquility of the countryside with the conveniences of city life. It is conveniently accessible from major parts of Bangalore and is well-connected to key areas via highways and road networks.

Why is it a Good Place to Live?

Provident Ecopolitan offers an exceptional living experience due to its meticulously planned infrastructure and thoughtful amenities. Residents can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle while having easy access to nearby schools, malls, hospitals, IT parks, and more. The lush green surroundings and well-designed open spaces enhance the quality of life here.

What are the Key Features of Provident Ecopolitan?

  • Gated community with 24/7 security.
  • Well-designed landscaped gardens and parks.
  • Modern clubhouse with recreational facilities.
  • Swimming pool and fitness center.
  • Dedicated play areas for children.
  • Rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant.
  • Well-planned parking facilities.

List of Schools near by Provident Ecopolitan

  1. Sunshine International School
  2. Oxford Public School
  3. Jain Heritage School
  4. St. Mary’s High School

Distance from Provident Ecopolitan

These schools are within a 5-kilometer radius of Provident Ecopolitan, ensuring that your children have access to quality education conveniently.

The schools in the vicinity include a mix of public, private, and international institutions, offering a variety of educational choices to suit your preferences and requirements.

The schools near Provident Ecopolitan have garnered excellent reputations for their academic excellence and holistic development programs.

List of Malls near Provident Ecopolitan

  1. Orion East Mall
  2. Gopalan Signature Mall
  3. Garuda Mall
  4. Phoenix Marketcity

Distance from Provident Ecopolitan

These malls are situated within a 10-kilometer radius of Provident Ecopolitan, making shopping and entertainment easily accessible.

Type of Mall (Shopping, Entertainment, etc.)

The malls in the vicinity offer a diverse range of shopping and entertainment options, catering to the varied preferences of residents.

Popularity of the Mall

These malls are popular shopping and leisure destinations, known for their wide array of brands, dining options, and entertainment facilities.

List of Hospitals near Provident Ecopolitan

  1. Columbia Asia Hospital
  2. Aster CMI Hospital
  3. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
  4. Fortis Hospital

Distance from Provident Ecopolitan

These hospitals are within a 5 to 10-kilometer radius of Provident Ecopolitan, ensuring prompt medical assistance in case of emergencies. The nearby hospitals include both general and specialty healthcare facilities, providing comprehensive medical services.

Reputation of the Hospital: These hospitals have established themselves as reputable healthcare providers, known for their medical expertise and patient care.

List of IT Parks and IT Hubs near Provident Ecopolitan

  1. Manyata Tech Park
  2. Bagmane Tech Park
  3. Embassy Tech Village
  4. RMZ Infinity

Distance from Provident Ecopolitan

These IT parks and hubs are situated within a 15-kilometer radius of Provident Ecopolitan, making it an ideal choice for IT professionals.

The IT parks and hubs in the vicinity offer a mix of office and commercial spaces, accommodating various IT and tech companies. Major Companies Located in the IT Park or IT Hub

Several renowned tech giants and multinational corporations have their offices in these IT parks, creating ample job opportunities in the vicinity.

List of Retail Stores near Provident Ecopolitan

  1. D-Mart
  2. Big Bazaar
  3. Reliance Fresh
  4. Decathlon

Distance from Provident Ecopolitan

These retail stores are conveniently located within a 2 to 5-kilometer radius of Provident Ecopolitan, ensuring easy access to daily essentials and shopping.

The retail stores nearby cater to various needs, including clothing, groceries, electronics, and more, making daily errands hassle-free. These retail outlets are popular among residents for their quality products and competitive prices.

What is the Exact Address of Provident Ecopolitan?

Provident Ecopolitan is situated at Gummanahalli, Bagalur, Bangalore, Karnataka 562149. This prime location offers a peaceful living environment while being well-connected to the city’s major hubs.

What is the Neighborhood Like?

The neighborhood around Provident Ecopolitan is characterized by lush greenery, clean surroundings, and a friendly community atmosphere.

List of Restaurants near Provident Ecopolitan

  1. The Yellow Chilli
  2. Barbeque Nation
  3. Empire Restaurant
  4. Nandhana Palace

Distance from Provident Ecopolitan

These restaurants are within a 2 to 5-kilometer radius of Provident Ecopolitan, offering a variety of dining options.

Type of Cuisine: The restaurants nearby serve a diverse range of cuisines, satisfying various taste buds, from Indian to continental.

Price Range: You can find restaurants to fit various budgets, from affordable eateries to fine dining establishments.

Popularity of the Restaurant: These restaurants are popular choices among residents and visitors alike, known for their delicious food and welcoming ambiance.

List of Highways near Provident Ecopolitan

  • NH 44 (National Highway 44)
  • Bellary Road (SH 104)
  • Doddaballapur Road (SH 74)

Distance from Provident Ecopolitan

These highways are easily accessible from Provident Ecopolitan and connect it to different parts of the city and beyond.

Traffic Conditions: The traffic conditions on these highways are generally manageable, ensuring smooth commutes for residents.

Accessibility to Other Parts of the City: Provident Ecopolitan’s location provides excellent connectivity to various parts of Bangalore, making it a convenient choice for commuters.

How to Get to Provident Ecopolitan by Public Transportation

If you prefer traveling by car, Provident Ecopolitan is easily accessible via NH 44 and other major roads. Ample parking facilities are available within the community.

How to Get to Provident Ecopolitan by Walking or Biking

  1. The well-planned layout of Provident Ecopolitan allows for easy walking and biking within the community. You can conveniently access nearby amenities and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

List of Police Stations near Provident Ecopolitan

  1. Bagalur Police Station
  2. Yelahanka New Town Police Station
  3. Jakkur Police Station

Distance from Provident Ecopolitan

These police stations are within a 5 to 10-kilometer radius of Provident Ecopolitan, ensuring safety and security for residents.

In conclusion, Provident Ecopolitan in Gummanahalli, Bagalur, Bangalore, offers a harmonious blend of modern living and natural serenity. With its strategic location and proximity to schools, malls, hospitals, IT parks, retail stores, and more, it provides residents with a lifestyle that combines convenience and tranquility. The well-designed infrastructure and thoughtful amenities make Provident Ecopolitan an ideal choice for those seeking a quality living experience. For more information or to explore housing options in Provident Ecopolitan, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted real estate agent who can guide you through the process . Embrace the essence of a peaceful yet connected life at Provident Ecopolitan.