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Established in 2008, Provident Housing: A Trusted Name in Real Estate.

In the dynamic realm of real estate, Provident Ecopolitan by Puravankara  Limited stands tall as a beacon of trust and excellence. As an integral part of the renowned Puravankara Limited, Provident Housing has carved a niche for itself, redefining aspirational home ownership since its inception in 2008.

A Legacy of Quality:

With 15 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, Provident Housing has etched its name in the annals of real estate. A subsidiary of Puravankara Limited, a name synonymous with innovation, the company inherits a legacy of trust and craftsmanship that dates back decades.

Provident Ecopolitan Purvankara Quality and Construction

Projects that Speak Volumes:

Provident Housing’s track record is nothing short of impressive. Boasting over 12.8 million square feet of completed projects, the company has transformed dreams into reality for over 50,000 satisfied customers. Each completed project is a testament to their dedication to delivering quality beyond expectations.


Value Beyond Compare

Provident Housing believes in providing value that exceeds mere monetary transactions. With a presence spanning 9 projects across various cities, the company ensures that every homebuyer’s dream finds its perfect abode. More than 5000 homes are in the making, a testament to their ongoing commitment to catering to diverse aspirations.


Endorsements of Excellence

Real estate experts and prospective homeowners alike shower accolades upon Provident Housing. Esteemed industry specialists acknowledge the company’s unwavering pursuit of quality and innovation. One potential homeowner enthused, “I’ve been following Provident Housing’s journey, and their consistent delivery of top-notch projects speaks volumes about their reputation.”

Are you ready to step into a world of trust, quality, and aspiration? Dive into the realm of Provident Housing Limited and experience a legacy built on 15 years of excellence. Discover the homes that transcend bricks and mortar to embrace your dreams.Your journey towards owning a home designed with your aspirations in mind begins here.

With an extensive track record of completed projects, ongoing endeavors, and a multitude of satisfied customers, Provident Housing is not just a developer; it’s a promise of quality, value, and a home where aspirations take root.
In the realm of real estate, Provident Housing Limited shines as a beacon of trust and excellence, woven into the fabric of Puravankara Limited’s legacy. Homes built with more technology, more sustainability, more transparency, more value, more trust, more quality.

Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape lies a sanctuary of serenity and sustainability – Provident Ecopolitan, a visionary project by Provident Housing. In a world where eco-conscious living is paramount, Provident Housing stands as a beacon of innovation and responsibility. This project, rightly termed “Nature-First Homes,” is a testament to their unwavering commitment to harmony between humans and nature.

Sustainable Building Materials

Provident Ecopolitan is more than just a housing complex; it’s a marvel of eco-friendliness. Every brick, every beam, every inch of this project has been meticulously designed with sustainability in mind. From the ground up, the construction employs green building materials that reduce environmental impact while ensuring the durability and quality of your future home.

In a world increasingly focused on environmental sustainability, the construction industry is stepping up its game by adopting eco-friendly materials and practices. Among these innovations, one stands out: PPC cement incorporating fly ash, which dramatically reduces the carbon footprint compared to traditional cement. But that’s just the beginning of the green revolution in construction. Let’s explore five key eco-friendly materials and practices that are reshaping the way we build.

PPC Cement with Fly Ash

Traditional cement production is a notorious contributor to carbon emissions. However, PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) with fly ash is a game-changer. By replacing a portion of cement with fly ash, a waste product from coal combustion, we significantly cut down on carbon emissions. This innovation not only maintains the structural integrity of buildings but also demonstrates a commitment to a greener future.

Slag Sand or M-Sand

Unlike traditional sand, slag sand or manufactured sand (M-sand) acts as a 100% replacement for river sand. This not only ensures construction quality but also mitigates the negative impact on river ecosystems. It’s a win-win solution that preserves precious natural resources and protects our environment.

Recycled Construction Aggregates

Instead of stone aggregates in non-structural elements, consider using recycled construction aggregates. This practice helps prevent natural resource depletion while maintaining the durability and performance of your construction projects. It’s a small change that contributes significantly to sustainability.

Responsible Flooring

Responsible flooring options are gaining popularity due to their high percentage of recycled content and lower CO2 emissions during production. From reclaimed wood to recycled tiles, these materials not only look great but also promote sustainability.

Non-Toxic, Low-VOC Paints

The environmental impact of paints often goes unnoticed, but it’s substantial. Low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints are now readily available and used by environmentally conscious builders. They reduce environmental damage, eliminate carcinogenic materials, and promote health and safety within the built environment.

Incorporating these eco-friendly materials and practices into your construction projects not only aligns with global efforts to combat climate change but also demonstrates your commitment to responsible building. Embracing sustainable construction isn’t just about meeting regulatory requirements; it’s about leaving a positive impact on the environment for future generations.

By choosing PPC cement with fly ash, slag sand or M-sand, recycled aggregates, responsible flooring, and non-toxic paints, you’re not just building structures; you’re contributing to a more sustainable and healthier planet. It’s a choice that benefits everyone, now and in the future. Make the right choice today for a greener tomorrow.

Ready to experience the harmonious blend of sustainable living and tranquility? Take the first step towards your Nature-First Home by visiting Provident Ecopolitan. Witness the beauty of this unique project and explore the sustainable features that set it apart from the rest.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to make a sustainable choice for your future. Join the Provident Ecopolitan community and live in harmony with nature, right in the heart of the city. Your Nature-First Home awaits!